Depending on your project, constraints and expectations, we will build a customised offer based on a range of services and solutions.


Our typical intervention modes include :

  • Consultancy – Our engineers will work on your project on a time and cost model.
  • Turn-key – We will manage your full project / a part of it based on your detailed specifications
  • Development Centers – We will set up an engineering team that will be dedicated to your R&D projects

These intervention modes are available for in-shore zones (France, Germany, UK), near-shore zones (Serbia, Bulgaria) and off-shore zones (India).


To accelerate our customer’s time to market, we propose a range of solutions in the following areas :


  • Guiliani – Graphical User Interface (GUI) Software Framework

Embedded Graphics

  • Hardware IP cores for ASIC & FPGA : D/AVE (family of rendering engines), Customisable Display Controller
  • Software IP : eGML  (Portable C++ rendering framework & library), eVRU (rendering framework for dual core architectures), MAP (rendering in 2D & 3D)


  • AVIATOR – Android based In-Vehicle-Infotainment platform,
  • MAGiK  – Linux based multimedia development kit

Network Management

  • NemSiS – software framework designed to develop full featured NMS/EMS solutions

For more information

You can contact us through the websites of the companies of the Advans Group: